Chapter 03: An Evolving Perspective on People Management


Chapter 03: An Evolving Perspective on People Management



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Mr. Daigneau explains how his work experience in Peoria and his study for his MBA led to his interest in motivation theory and thoughts of studying for a PhD. He took a job as a construction manager at the University of Iowa in Iowa City and was also accepted in the PhD program. Mr. Daigneau comments on the challenges of working at an academic institution and notes that he became a "hero" for his work. He was mentored by key people, but still wasn't managing people successfully. He describes what he enjoyed about working in a university environment and also the limits of this particular position. Mr. Daigneau decided to leave the University of Iowa (and his PhD program) because he wanted "to manage things." Mr. Daigneau next talks about his job as Manager of Physical Plan at University of Wisconsin-Superior (1976). He notes that he followed prevailing management theory at that time '"managing by objectives." Nevertheless he did not see the management results he expected, though this job was a big confidence booster and he "thrived under people how would give a long leash."



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The Making Cancer History® Voices Oral History Collection, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Houston, Texas

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The Interview Subject's Story - Professional PathCharacter, Values, Beliefs, Talents; Personal Background; Professional Path; Influences from People and Life Experiences; Evolution of Career; The Administrator; Overview; Professional Practice; The Professional at Work

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Tacey A. Rosolowski, Ph.D:

So that was in 1970?

William Daigneau, MBA:

In 1970. I took a job for the city of Peoria so I could attend Bradley University. Basically, they were I was looking for a job and a stable situation, and they had" Peoria has Bradley, has a good reputation, accredited business school. So we moved to Peoria, and I stayed there until" well, I graduated in '74. It's only a two-year, full-time MBA, but it took me two years to get all the undergraduate credits, so it took me four years to get my degree.

Tacey A. Rosolowski, Ph.D:

So was that period of time" ? How did working" ? Where were you working? What were you doing in Peoria?

William Daigneau, MBA:

I was basically" I had a very good experience in Peoria. I worked for the Public Works Department in the Engineering section. We were basically designing roads, bridges, all the utility systems. Like other places, they had their field unit that oversaw the construction things, and they had their e"

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Chapter 03: An Evolving Perspective on People Management