Women Faculty Programs at MD Anderson


Women Faculty Programs at MD Anderson



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The Making Cancer History® Voices Oral History Collection, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Houston, Texas

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Tacey A. Rosolowski, Ph.D.

Okay. That would be fine. There were a number of things you—you talked about the Faculty Leadership Academy, and then you have also been part of the Women Faculty Leadership Group from 2008 until the present. Is that still the case?

Dr. Bruner

Right. Dr. Travis, who’s the head of Women Faculty Programs, has a group of chairs and division heads that she meets with once a month, and I think it’s been an interesting group to try to—what we try to do is think of ways that we can raise both the profile and the influence of women in the institution. She sponsors programs sometimes, and it’s—a good peer group for—of course, when we started there weren’t—we didn’t start that early, but when we started there weren’t that many chairs. We realized that more and more chairs were being added that are women, and now we have a division head, we have a deputy division head.

Tacey A. Rosolowski, Ph.D.

This is a good thing.

Dr. Bruner


Tacey A. Rosolowski, Ph.D.

What are some of the activities that you’ve pushed forward with that group?

Dr. Bruner

I think we’ve done some seminars. She had some seminars. People come in and do something on strategic planning—different—communication skills, conversations—what are the different communication styles between men and women. We’re doing one coming up in July on behavioral interviewing—how to interview people and really ferret out whether they’re going to fit with the job here at MD Anderson.

Women Faculty Programs at MD Anderson