Providing Opportunities for Women

Providing Opportunities for Women



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The Making Cancer History® Voices Oral History Collection, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Houston, Texas

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Tacey Ann Rosolowski, PhD

So I always want to ask people if there’s anything else they want to add. I guess I was curious, is there anything kind of outside of your professional life that people don’t know about you, that’s uniquely you, that’s kind of surprising or—

Carmen Escalante, MD

Surprising? Anything about me? You know, I don’t know. I’m pretty private regarding my friends. And right now because I have family, I mean, everything right now is about my family and my kids, and I’m very busy with that part of my life right now. But, you know, I’m very private. I don’t like doing Facebook and all those things, because I feel like the things I want to share, I’m going to share with the people that need to know regarding—you know, I don’t post pictures up on all these websites and stuff like that.

But I feel, I guess, some of my passions, I think we’ve talked about the women. I feel very strongly about women and women’s rights. I mean, I don’t consider myself out there walking on the streets for—but I think it’s very important to me to make a difference in that respect and making sure that my—not only women, all my faculty are given—you know, that’s my job is to make them successful, but making sure that we give opportunities to women when it’s appropriate. You give them opportunities, and not only professionally, but out there in my regular life. I’m a Girl Scout leader. I told you that. (laughs) I’m a troop leader for my daughter’s Girl Scout class, Girl Scout troop, and I was never a Girl Scout. But there was a calling. I guess that’s something people probably don’t know. I mean, I never considered myself kind of the Girl Scout type, but this is actually I’m starting my fourth year.

Providing Opportunities for Women