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Colin West and the Mayo team recently published a meta-analysis of "Interventions to Prevent and Reduce Physician Burnout" (Lancet 2016; 388: 2272-81) and found that only three "randomized studies of structural or organizational interventions" have been reported in the literature. Brian Lucas et al. examined the "Effects of 2- vs 4- Week Attending Physician Inpatient Rotations on Unplanned Patient Revisits, Evaluations by Trainees, and Attending Physician Burnout" (JAMA 2012). The second organizational intervention was the Healthy Work Place (HWP) study by Mark Linzer et al: "Interventions to Improve Work Conditions and Clinician Burnout in Primary Care" (J Gen Intern Med 2015). Third, Christopher Parshuram et al studied "Patient Safety, Resident Well-Being and Continuity of Care with Different Residents Duty Schedules in the Intensive Care Unit" (CMAJ 2015). The panel will discuss the findings of these four studies and what further research is needed to determine the most effective interventions for preventing and reducing physician burnout.



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Burnout, Professional; Appointments and Schedules/statistics and numerical data; Burnout, Psychological; Job satisfaction; Patient Safety; Intensive Care Units; Work-Life Balance


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Structural Interventions Against Physician Burnout: Resident Schedule



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