OpenWorks @ MD Anderson collects enduring materials and scholarship created by students, faculty, and staff. This platforms ensures that these materials are visible to the wider academic community in order to promote MD Anderson as a center of excellence for cancer education and research and an active participant in open science.

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Collections are organized by individual department, university or hospital organization, or event. All available collections are listed on the main collections page. Additionally, collections are grouped by theme or content type: MD Anderson Legacy, Education & Training, Journals & Newsletters, Community Engagement, and Research & Scholarship.

Collection Creation

Contributors interested in creating an online collection should contact library staff. The library will work with contributors to create a collection, discuss appropriate materials and formats, identify metadata requirements, and discuss potential intellectual property or privacy issues. The library will determine if the project is sustainable with available resources and staffing. The library will create a workflow for submitting materials including files and upload schedules.


Openworks @ MDAnderson accepts submissions from faculty, employees, and students of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The Research Medical Library provides access to and maintains the repository; prior approval is required for submitting collections.

Depending on the collection, uploading content and metadata will handled by either RML staff or designees of the originating organization. The library reserves the right to review submissions for accuracy (document is what it says it is), accessibility (can be accessed with minimal requirements), reliability (accessibility over time), and copyright/privacy issues.

Accepted Materials

The repository accepts digital content reflecting the scholarly, educational, and historical output of the university, including—but not limited to—academic presentations, posters, videos, images, proceedings, access articles, learning objects, digitized archival materials, and other open educational resources. Most digital formats are accepted. OpenWorks @ MDAnderson will display most streaming media files and PDFs. It is recommended that contributors migrate text-based materials (e.g. articles, presentations, posters) into PDF format to increase accessibility.

Copyright Statement

Items submitted to OpenWorks @ MD Anderson are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. The contents in the repository are made publicly available by the Research Medical Library and contributors for use in open access education, research, and preservation.

Contributors retain the copyright to their works deposited in the repository, but submission involves granting non-exclusive rights to preserve and make works publicly available via the internet. The contributor must hold the copyright or the retained open access rights.

For materials under someone else's copyright, contributors represent they have permission from the copyright holder to publish materials. Contributors must identify any material with third-party copyright within the document or its associated metadata. Contributors may attest that third-party materials may be included in a work because it is in the public domain or its reproduction is permissible under fair use laws.

The Research Medical Library may request additional documentation regarding copyright or licensing if necessary.


All submissions are subject to review and removal by RML staff. Reasons for removal include but are not limited to violations of privacy or intellectual property, fraud, or academic dishonesty. Contributors may request that an item be deleted. An entry and accompanying metadata cannot be recovered or republished once it has been deleted.

Accessibility and Open Access

OpenWorks @ MDAnderson is an Open Access platform. Items uploaded are meant to be distributed online and free of charge. Open Access resources typically permit users to access, download, copy, and cite materials in the repository. Some access restrictions, such as downloading full text, can be applied based on certain circumstances including licensing, copyright, and privacy issues. Consultation with library staff about accessibility will occur prior to uploading content to the repository.