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There is tremendous hunger among physicians and other health professionals to serve the needs of patients, without ignoring their own needs for work-life balance and career satisfaction. Professional satisfaction is a powerful driver of the Triple Aim, and as a result, it should be a critical concern of health system leaders and practicing physicians alike. Over half of all U.S. physicians exhibit some sign of burnout, increasing the likelihood of mistakes, patient dissatisfaction, and physician intent to leave practice. Improvements in clinical workflow, teamwork and communication are among the most potent anecdotes to burnout. This session will describe practice transformation approaches that can help physicians and staff re-engineer their practice to foster sound medical decision making, minimize error, increase provider quality time with patients yet go home earlier, and create an atmosphere that patients, staff, and physicians can enjoy



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The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Houston, Texas

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Burnout, Professional; Workload; Physician-Patient Relations; Electronic Health Record; Work-Life Balance; Personal Satisfaction; Social Support; Happiness; Crew Resource Management, Healthcare/methods; Physician-Patient Relations; Professional Autonomy


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In Search of Joy in Practice



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