About the collection:
MD Anderson’s Historical Resources Center and the oral history project [OHP] were started in the late nineties to preserve the institution’s history and collect some of the background that historian James Olsen, PhD needed to write Making Cancer History . Documenting the past produces information relevant to understanding the institution’s present and future; however the value of the collection can only be realized by putting this rich resource to use for that purpose. The goal of the oral history project is to collect interviews with institution builders and leaders, create easy access to the collections and mechanisms for finding content, and explore ways to put the collection to use. Our oral history project is now unique in the world. History doesn’t just happen in the past. History is being made now. Therefore we interview those individuals who can comment on how MD Anderson finds its way through challenges and into the future.
Processing Information:

In accordance with oral history best practices, this transcript was intentionally created to preserve the conversational language of the interview sessions. (Language has not been edited to conform to written prose).
The interview subject was given the opportunity to review the transcript. Any requested editorial changes are indicated in brackets [ ], and the audio file has not correspondingly altered.
Redactions to the transcript and audio files may have been made in response to the interview subject’s request or to eliminate personal health information in compliance with HIPAA.

The views expressed in this interview are solely the perspective of the interview subject. They are not to be interpreted as the official view of any other individual or of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.


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