Chapter 11: The Graduate School: An

Chapter 11: The Graduate School: An "Amazing Experiment" in Sub-Institutional Collaboration


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Education at MD Anderson: Dr. Knudson explains that the graduate school affected students by increased the faculty, which increased the student body as well. It also provided opportunities outside of the field of cancer. Dr. Knudson says that the dean of the medical school went along with this new graduate school. The School of Public Health additionally got involved in the collaboration. Dr. Knudson states that the graduate school was an "amazing experiment" because they went beyond what graduate schools typically do.

Effects of the Graduate School: Dr. Knudson admits that he has not kept track of the graduate school much over the years. When asked about the interdisciplinarity within the school and how it can prepare students, Dr. Knudson says that it is good for students to get a broad basis of understanding because new fields are appearing all of the time. He believes that understanding the human brain and what it can do is the future.



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Chapter 11: The Graduate School: An