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  • Leukemia Grant
  • Electron Microscope
  • Cattle Cancer Eye, Historical and Pathological Results of Five-Year Study
  • Skin Cancer, Psoralen Compound Tested May Be Ca. Preventative
  • Admission Policy, Referral by Practicing Physician Policy Established by State Law
  • Follow Up
  • Bertner Award, Outstanding Contribution to Fundamental Cancer Research
  • Symposium, Fundamental Cancer Meet Attracts 257 Scientists
  • Appointment, Ms. Renilda E. Hilkemeyer appointed Director of Nursing

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Dmochowski, Leon; Bertner, Ernst William, 1889-1950; Aub, Joseph C. (Joseph Charles), 1890-1973; Copeland, Murray Marcus, 1902-1982; Griffin, Amos Clark, 1918-; Painter, Theophilus S. (Theophilus Shickel), 1889-1969; Stewart, Fred; Smith George; Huggins, Charles, 1901-1997; Papanicolaou, George N., 1883-1962; Rous, Peyton, 1879-1970; Shilling, C. W.; Rhoads, C. P.; Luck, J. Murray; Philips, Frederick S.; Taylor, Alfred; Altenburg, Edgar, 1888-1967; Luckey, T. D. (Thomas D.), 1919-; Spain, James D.; Wilhelmi, A. E.; Rigdon, R. H.; Mefferd, Ray B., Jr., 1920-2005; Hilkemeyer, Renilda; Wilson, Logan; Leukemia; Financing, Organized; Electron Microscope; Carcinoma, Squamous Cell; Cattle Diseases; Skin Neoplasms; Ultraviolet Rays; Sunlight; Ficusin; Neoplasms -- prevention & control; Referral and Consultation; Awards and Prizes; Nursing Staff, Hospital; Nurse Administrators; Research; Eye Neoplasms.

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Newsletter, Volume 01, Number 01, May 1956