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  • Seminar Precedes Conference
  • Research Expansion Authorized
  • Radiotherapy for Patients with Head and Neck Tumors
  • Panel Discussions Scheduled for Clinical Conference
  • National Cancer Institute Award Grants
  • English Surgeon Gives Lecture
  • Session Chairmen Announced for Symposium
  • UT President Sees MDAH Photo-Mural
  • ACS Aids Research
  • Blackford Memorial Lecturer
  • Staff Appointments
  • Staff Activities
  • Estrogens Altered
  • New Technique
  • Alumni President
  • Staff Publications

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Brown, Robert L.; Klopp, Calvin T.; Guiss, Lewis W.; Billen, Daniel; Dmochowski, Leon; Ward, D. N.; Hurlbert, R. B.; Doctor, V. M.; Shullenberger, C. C., 1914-; Nelson, R. S.; Bergsagel, Daniel E.; Haas, Felix L.; Anderson, David E.; Lush, Jay; Chambers, Doyle; Russell, William O., 1910- Rutledge, Felix N., 1917-1997; Morgan, Clifford Naunton, SIr, 1901-; Hickey, Robert C.; Blady, John V.; Stein, Justin J.; Copeland, Murray Marcus, 1902-1982; Hsu, T. C. (Tao-Chiuh), 1917-; Taylor, J. Herbert (James Herbert), 1916-; Kopac, M. J.; Wilson, Logan, 1907-1990; Jesse, Richard H., Jr.; Blackford, Clara; Dixon, Fritz R.; Trkula, David; Dodd, Gerald D., 1922-; Egan, Robert L., 1920-2001; Hilkemeyer, Renilda; Best, Nelliana; MacDonald, Dee; Howe, Clifton D.; Dale, Sebron C.; Taylor, Grant, 1903-1995; Jirgensons, Bruno; Ikenaka, Tokuji; McKinley, James D., Jr.; Shalek, Robert J.; Sinclair, Warren K.; Mann, W. B. (Wilfrid Basil), 1908-2001; Geiger, K. W.; Stehlin, John; Patton, Ted; Chang, Jeffrey P.; Weir, J. F.; Clark, Randolph Lee, 1906-; Kawamoto, S.; Kirschbaum, A.; Noble, Marvin J.; Derrick, William Sheldon, 1916-1986; White, E. C.; Sykes, J. L.; Wilber, Stewart A., 1922-; Hospital Design and Construction; Head and Neck Neoplasms; Mouth; Pharynx; Nasopharynx; Financing, Government; Estrogens; Monophenol Monooxygenase; Radiotherapy; Congresses as Topic.


History of Science, Technology, and Medicine | Oncology

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Newsletters, Volume 04, Number 03, October 1959


Newsletters, Volume 04, Number 03, October 1959