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  • Natural Killer Cell Therapy May Augment Treatment of Hematological Cancers: Tough cancer treatments can severely weaken the body's natural ability to attack cancer cells. To improve immune recovery and function in patients who have undergone these treatments, especially those who may later receive a stem cell transplant, researchers are turning to natural killer cells that have been expanded in the laboratory.
  • Concurrent Treatment of HIV and Cancer Improves Survival Outcomes: Concurrent HIV and cancer present special challenges in the clinic, regardless of which disease is diagnosed first. The simultaneous treatment of HIV and cancer is complicated by patients' weakened immune systems, the lack of routine HIV screening, and interactions between drugs. Infectious disease specialists at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center routinely treat HIV in cancer patients and are discovering ways to overcome these challenges.
  • HOUSE CALL: Facts About Radiation-Radiation exposure comes from many sources
  • INBRIEF: Sleeping Beauty Gene Therapy Shows Promise Against B Cell Malignancies

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The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Houston, Texas


Lee, Dean; Shah, Nina; Shpall, Elizabeth; Champlin, Richard; Hosing, Chitra; Ciurea, Stefan O.; Torres, Harrys; Granwehr, Bruno; Kebriaei, Partow; Killer Cells, Natural -- transplantation; Hematologic Neoplasms; Stem Cell Transplantation; Blood Banks; Clinical Trials as Topic; HIV Testing; Neoplasms; Radiation; Radiation Exposure; Leukemia, Lymphocytic, Chronic, B-Cell; Antigens, CD19; Immunotherapy, Adoptive.


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OncoLog, Volume 60, Number 02, February 2015