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  • Careful examinations and sentinel node mapping bolster melanoma detection and staging
  • M. D. Anderson plastic surgeons restore hope along with function and appearance
  • Protocols: Clinical Trials Offer Treatment for Advanced Melanoma
  • House Call: Keep Skins—and Cancer—Under Wraps During Summer
  • DiaLog: Reconstructing More than the Breast, by Geoffrey Robb, MD, Director, Surgical Specialties Center

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The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Houston, Texas


Lee, Jeffrey E.; Robb, Geoffrey L.; Miller, Michael; Reece, Greg; Chang, David W. (Plastic Surgeon); Kroll, Stephen S.; Evans, Gregory R. D.; Patrick, Charles W.; Theriault, Richard, (Richard L.); Hortobagyi, Gabriel N.; Cooper, Mary Kathryn; Allen, Beth W.; Nellie B. Connally Breast Center; Ben and Julie Rogers Breast Diagnostic Clinic; Sentinel Lymph Node; Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy; Lymphatic Metastasis; Clinical Trials as Topic; Lymph Node Excision; Chemotherapy, Adjuvant; Interferons; Cancer Vaccines; Vaccines, Combined; Skin Neoplasms; Carcinoma, Squamous Cell; Carcinoma, Basal Cell; Interleukin-2; Surgery, Plastic; Plastic Surgery Procedures; Body Image; Nerve Regeneration; Surgical Flaps; Free Tissue Flaps; Tissue Engineering; Mammography; Ultrasonography; Biopsy, Fine-Needle; Biopsy, Large-Core Needle; Early Detection of Cancer; Patient Education as Topic; Sunscreening Agents; Mammaplasty; Dermatologic Surgical Procedures.


History of Science, Technology, and Medicine | Oncology

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OncoLog, Volume 43, Number 05, May 1998