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Objective: To examine the impacts of genetic screening on the treatment of breast cancer, in relation to differences, outcomes and decisions in treatment plans or surgery in patients that performed genetic screening versus those that did not.

Background: Genetic screening technology has become commercially available, yet standard preventative care for breast cancer has no genetic screening involved. Genetic screening in breast cancer treatment is performed, but its usage is not standardized.

Methods: Findings were synthesized using the meta-narrative review style to examine articles retrieved from searches of digital databases PubMed and the M.D. Anderson Scholarly Library.

Discussion: Articles were selected using a series of limiting criteria, with 12 final articles examined for the synthesized findings. Data regarding the usage of genetic screening in breast cancer treatment specifically, comparisons between genetically screened patients and non-screened patients, effects of genetic screening on patients, and any accessibility barriers to genetic screening were gathered.

Conclusion: A gap in the literature was found due to only 1 article containing comparative data between patients that performed genetic screening and those that did not. However, several barriers to genetic screening have been identified: limiting stages built into the treatment pathway, physician bias in genetic counseling recommendation, and socioeconomic barriers to genetic screening. Future research can be directed towards generating comparative data and reducing barriers to genetic screening.



Molecular Genetic Technology, School of Health Professions, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Publication Date

Spring 4-18-2023




genetic screening, BRCA gene, breast cancer, treatment, meta-narrative review


Biomedical Informatics | Genetic Processes | Medical Genetics | Medical Molecular Biology | Other Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment

Meta-Narrative Review of Possible Impacts of Genetic Screening on Treatment of Breast Cancer



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