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Career outcomes, postdoctoral fellows, Coalition for Next Generation Life Sciences


Division of Education and Training

Value and Impact

This poster presents efforts at MD Anderson to track career outcomes of its research trainees, using postdoctoral fellows as a case study. It outlines sources of internal and external data, data stewards, and the methodology employed to capture career progression of former postdocs and presents a preliminary overview of results coded in the Coalition for Next Generation Life Sciences taxonomy. This poster serves as a resource for postdoctoral offices, graduate schools, training program directors, and other departments responsible for reporting research trainee outcomes by providing details of a potential strategy for them to consider. This poster was first presented at the 2023 Cancer Center Administrators Forum held on March 4-7, 2023 hosted by the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.

Trainee Career Outcomes Tracking: Postdoctoral Fellows at MD Anderson as a Case Study



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