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Advancements in technology have given rise to a path of convenience, ease, and flexibility for workers to work remotely. A new tool in laboratory diagnostics is Telecytology for Rapid On-Site Evaluation. A cytologist processes a specimen on site and captures an image or video of the findings. The media is sent directly to a pathologist for further evaluation, and then a diagnosis is given to the patient. With this being a relatively new practice, we need to ask what the advantages and disadvantages are for everyone involved: the patient, the cytologist, and the pathologist. We found articles that were less than five years old and reviewed the methodologies in the articles. We found that there were many advantages including decreased diagnosis time, availability to patients in rural areas, and fewer repeated procedures. We also found disadvantages such as extensive training requirements and the possibility of incorrect diagnoses. Our findings indicate there is success in using Telecytology for R.O.S.E., but that faults are present to some degree. As technology continues to advance, we expect more studies to be conducted that highlight the success of Teleyctology with Rapid On-Site Evaluation.




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A Meta-Narrative Review on the Use of R.O.S.E in Telecytology for the Patient, Pathologist, and Cytologist



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