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This meta-narrative synthesis highlights the effectiveness of diagnosing and treating melanoma with Micrographically Oriented Histography Surgery (MOHS) technique. Initiating the questions: What techniques does MOHS surgery involve when diagnosing and treating non-metastasized Melanoma? How will it provide positive outcomes for the patient? The significance of using MOHS excision technique and diagnosis of localized facial melanoma compared to traditional cancer excision techniques is designed to remove affected tissue while preserving anatomical facial structure in an aesthetic fashion. Providing an overview of the technique’s diagnostic professional capabilities as well as its strengths, limitations, improvement for upcoming studies, and potential prognosis. Melanoma, a cancerous mutation of pigmented skin cells that quickly metastasizes, requires MOHS unique invasive surgical excision techniques. As well, a multitude of synchronous skillful dermatology surgeons and histotechnologists. MOHS comparative factors include the ability for onsite treatment and diagnosis. Individual cases that qualify for MOHS treatment include the location and development of the melanoma, histological assessment, and post-operative aid. This analysis was intended to find information on MOHS and did so utilizing a meta-analysis research process. Search parameters include the skill set of the medical professional and requirements for the surgery. The research was to investigate the involved procedures and diagnosis of non-metastasized melanoma on the face, while maintaining minimal tissue damage. Standardizing MOHS procedure and expanding access for patients seeking successful cancer removal with low risk for surgical recurrence.




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MOHS, techniques, non-metastasized melanoma, special site tissue


Dermatology | Other Medicine and Health Sciences | Surgery

Meta-Narrative Synthesis: The Effectiveness of Diagnosing and Treating Melanoma with Micrographically Oriented Histograph Surgery MOHS Technique



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